What if there was one simple solution that would solve your need to communicate with consumers across multiple platforms; that would lead them eagerly right to your door - and keep them coming back?
Now there is!


STORELOCATOR is a powerful business and marketing tool connection brands with stores. With more than 7500 registered stores and 3400 brands, STORELOCATOR is the largest and fastest growing fashion directory in Scandinavia.

How does it work?

People love to use STORELOCATOR because it makes shopping fun. They can create personal shopping guides, find stores with sales and bargains, and share their finds with their friends on social media. Using our simple solution, STORELOCATOR becomes a digital shopping window where consumers search for their favorite brands and are directed to the point of sale. At the same time they are notified of any special offers and promotions you are running.
STORELOCATOR enables you to build brand awareness online by giving you greater visibility in the search engines, and broader exposure on social media and partner websites.

Why Storelocator?

  • Our online reach and strategic partnerships give you increased web visibility.
  • Be found instantly by consumers who are looking for stores selling your brand.
  • Grow your credibility through powerful social proof, as you gather great customer reviews.
  • Gain invaluable feedback about your brand from direct interaction with consumers.
  • Discover new point of sales
  • Use Storelocator to manage your list of stockists.
  • Increase your visibility on the web through improved SEO
  • Advertise special offers and promotions that are seen by your target audience.
  • Become premium customer and increase your brand awareness + access to usefull tools
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